Getting Inspiration for Your Floral Arrangements at Home

For novice florist, settling for a floral arrangement can be daunting. You want to create your own creative design but you are stuck on where to get inspiration from. We explore the different avenues where florist, those starting out and those seasoned, can gain inspiration for their next masterpiece.

Check Pinterest

This is ultimately the best site for DIY idea. Here you will not only get inspiration on the design but you will learn from other florists hacks to ease up on the process. You get to see pictures of what others have come up with, the pallets they have incorporated and you can then easily build on these to get your own unique design.

Inspiration from Blog Posts

For any florist, the internet should be your friend. You should be a constant on niche blogs not only to see what other florists are incorporating in their arrangements but also to gain information on flower trends and news.

Read Flower Magazines

These should be a staple for any florists. The magazines present a wealth of knowledge as well as design tips and tricks.

Lots of inspiration and thought goes into any floral arrangement from Flower Delivery Santa Monica. Our florists take pleasure in creating one –time pieces for each of our orders.